About Us

Charcoal Guam is a veteran, minority, and woman-owned small-business with our home office located in Mangilao. With backgrounds in research and development, customer service, and marketing, it only made sense for us to start a business that both challenged us professionally and provided us with great satisfaction in the products that we create. Prior to branding our creations as Charcoal Guam, handcrafting cosmetics was a hobby for our own enjoyment...now, after seeing the joy that it brings our customers, it has become our passion.

We are Earth conscious and use all-natural ingredients when possible. We do research every ingredient that we use in our products and only accept those of the highest quality. Each ingredient in a product was decided upon for a specific benefit that it provided, so the Ceylon Java Body Scrub isn't just an awesome coffee scrub (it also fights cellulose and improves blood circulation, promoting skin regeneration and healing...among other benefits). We use local ingredients when they're available, but some of them are rare and hard to obtain, so tracking down the right supplier was a task on its own.

Our handcrafted products are produced, packaged, and tested completely in Mangilao. 

Mission Statement

To develop luxury cosmetics, using the highest quality ingredients, at a price that is affordable. Through handcrafting each item, we put heart and soul into every product that we produce. 

Vision Statement

By engaging the local community, being responsive to our customer needs, and continuing our research and development, we will become Guam's premiere cosmetics manufacturer. Opening a whole new industry to our beautiful island.